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Testimonials – Dr. Kofsky – The Smile Centre – New Westminster

I am not 100% sure how long everyone has been going to Dr. Kofsky but in the past 3 years this man has done everything possible to not make me fell like a number. Staff is fantastic and the fibe in the office is light and very enjoyable to be around. I would recommend anyone to come here and let Richard Kofsky make you have a bigger, better smile. This feels more like a family then a business and Dr. Kofsky be very helpful in making my smile better then it ever was. Thanks DW

Jan 2015

I read the other reviews and I have to say I have been going to Dr K for sometime now, I transferred from an overpriced dental clinic as Dr K’s office only charges me according to the fee schedule in effect and how do I know about this? The informative and knowledgeable office manager Jackie. On first contact she answered ALL my questions, gave me detailed information about how insurance worked and even saved me on costly insurance fees by setting up a pre pay account. The clinic is not big or fancy but it is clean, modern, comfortable and super friendly. I am NOT a number in anyway! I am treated like a friend. Thanks Dr. K you are a great dentist also a BIG thanks to Jackie, your knowledge has saved me tons and your charm keeps me coming back!!!

Sept 2014

I really enjoy going to The Smile Centre. I have heard Jackie has been off for a while now so her daughter Alicia has been filling in for her. I must say she is doing much better than a year ago. There has been a constant change in staff which I find a bit frustrating. Dr. Kofsky is constantly late when I have a 10:00am appointment or running off schedule with the previous patient. Once he fixes these errors, the clinic will run perfectly.

May 2014